May 2018

Well on a lovely summers night (at last) we had a splendid meeting.  Firstly we discussed outstanding business which included the Dolphin Hall, Potholes around Tetbury,  how the new GDPR data protection laws affect us and we voted unanimously in favour of the NFWI Mental Health resolution.

Then Lorna introduced us to 3 new members who brought us a little snippet of their lives.   Janet relayed her time as a control centre Fire Women in Liverpool in the 1960’s which sounded both hilarious and, not forgetting the job, at times tragic.  Kathryn told us about her Aunt Sylvia aka postulant nun Sister Lucy, who joined an order in her late teens only to fall in love and marry a priest in the 1960’s, their eyes met and the rest as they say is history.  Tracy who had a career as a beauty therapist, demonstrated how we should all remove our make up each evening and Jayne who was the willing guinea pig, felt glowing and relaxed after a lovely facial.  Thank you Janet, Kathryn & Tracy for your great talks.

After coffee we enjoyed a much anticipated and heralded debut performance of  ‘One Accord’  our very own fledgling Ukulele group.  The ladies performed a number of well known songs for us to sing along with and provided great hilarity when they couldn’t all play at the same speed, needless to say they were really fabulous and proved what enjoyment and skill they get from their meetings.   Their door is always open for new members so give it a go if you fancy it.

One Accord - Tetbury WI Ukulele Group

One Accord – Tetbury WI Ukulele Group




The next meeting is on: Monday 11th June –  Gimson & The Barnsleys, at Sapperton with Dave Walton – Come along at 7:30pm to meet everyone!

A note from our President:

Apart from our monthly meetings, we enjoy each other’s company at many “extra curricular” activities.  Do have a look at “What we do”.

We always welcome new ideas and new members.  Please come along and meet us.

If you would like to find out more about us, contact me via email: tetburywi@hotmail.co.uk



Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of every month at the

Dolphins Hall, New Church Street Tetbury, GL8 8DS